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    As Silicon Knights' first effort on the Nintendo 64, Eternal Darkness looks to overthrow the reigning champion of the survival horror arena, the venerable and beloved Resident Evil series. Eternal Darkness shows a number of similarities to the brainchild of Capcom: it is a third-person horror game, with a dark, mature plot. As with Resident Evil, Eternal Darkness is a violent, gore-filled splatter fest. Despite the similarities, Silicon Knights hopes to offer a unique view of the survival horror genre.

    The storyline of Eternal Darkness is complex. It seems that before the coming of man, a race of superior beings ruled the earth. This new race was not constrained by the human ideas of morality and decency. With the rise of mankind, the ancient race was driven into the bowels of the earth. It now seems the time of their return is at hand.

    The Ancients, as the former rulers are called, have been dormant since the arrival of man. Nevertheless, a number of human followers have sworn to the rebirth of the Ancients. Known as Secret Societies, these human pawns are hell-bent on gaining power through the rise of the Ancients. They have existed for years, planning the resurrection of the elder race.

    In the game, the player will control over 12 different characters. These men and women hail from a number of different timelines, spanning a 2000-year-long period. For instance, at one point you will take control of a medieval knight, fighting the hordes of darkness with a number of old-style weapons. Another character is reported to be from the future, and in possession of a number of highly powerful instruments of destruction. Throughout the game, the main character will continue to change, culminating in the final battle against the Ancients

    In terms of gameplay, the most unique feature of Eternal Darkness is the Insanity Meter, which is a bar that measures the mental capability of your character. As the situation gets more tense and illogical, the meter will increase, spawning a number of undetermined side effects. There will be a way to combat the rise of this Insanity Meter, which has yet to be revealed.

    As with the majority of survival-horror games, Eternal Darkness is a one-player adventure. The game also utilizes the optional Expansion Pak accessory for high-resolution graphics.

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