Battlefield 3
[Limited Edition - Xbox 360]

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    Witness the action-packed third installment of the Xbox 360 military battleship game that introduced EA Dice. Gamers can expect hours of thrilling adventure when playing 'Battlefield 3 Limited Edition.' Following the traditional Battlefield design scheme, this installment features a number of vividly detailed destructible environments and vehicles. Large scale maps helps gamers navigate through the intricate two or more player game. Explore the 720p adventure as a Russian agent tasked with spoiling a Parisian terrorist attack. Travel through the Tehran desert as a Marine or take on other missions in New York, Oman, Wake Island, Sarajevo, and Sulaymaniyah. The limited edition release features fun bonuses like the 'Back to Karkand' expansion that gives gamers access to four updated multiplayer maps you probably remember from Battlefield 2.

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