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    Nickelodeon Fit is a great way to get your kids up and moving. This video game for Nintendo Wii encourages them to jump rope, hula hoop, and ride down the river with some of their favorite digital characters, such as Dora, Diego, Kai-Lan, and the Backyardigans. It's fun enough that everyone in the room can play, not just the person holding the controller. Nickelodeon Fit was designed in 2010 for Wii consoles by game developers 2K Play with the help of fitness expert Dr. Jackie Goodway. The intent is to encourage children to stay active even while gaming indoors. When you start the game, you'll find that it includes 30 games that improve balance, build muscles, and increase cardiovascular activity. These games are scientifically developed to help support healthful physical activity and development for children. With this game, parents can make sure that their kids stay physically active and get they exercise they need while enjoying their beloved Nick cartoon characters. The games on this Wii title are so easy that most children can play them on their own. Younger children may need adult supervision the first time they play but should quickly understand how to play. Picture instructions and videos onscreen help your child understand what he needs to do to follow the rules. It's intended to appeal to kids around four to seven years of age, but younger and older kids can enjoy these active games as well. Nickelodeon Fit takes full advantage of the popularity of the Wii among children as well as its capacity to sense motion. Kids will see every exercise demonstrated on-screen as they get involved with active play. Your child will engage in games that are themed to work with the characters. For instance, rafting down a river, throwing balls on the beach, and flying on top of an eagle are all games that your child does with the adventurous Diego while backyard favorites, like jumping rope, are played with the Backyardigans. These games are not only fun, they will also improve foot and hand coordination, motor skill development, and upper and lower body strength.This child-friendly Wii Fit game can use either the Wii balance board, the Wii remote, or both at the same time. Nickelodeon Fit will work on both the Wii and Wii U consoles. There are no special accessories required for your child to enjoy playing this game. Children can take turns being the person holding the controller or using the balance board, but other family members can do the same actions alongside the person controlling the on-screen character with or without accessories. Parents are even able to customize the activities offered by the game to help their kids with the areas that need it most and to monitor their children's progress. Nickelodeon Fit for Wii has received an ESRB E rating, which means everyone in the family can enjoy gaming together with the Wii and Nickelodeon's favorite characters. With special appeal for the youngest family members, everyone can enjoy playing the games. This is a great choice for family game night for excitement, activity, and improved health.

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