Borderlands 2 - Playstation 3

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    Prepare to hone your first-person shooter skills when you engage in an intense, action-packed game like Borderlands 2 made for the Sony PlayStation 3. Saddle up with Gearbox as you get swept back to the Borderlands for a high-energy shooter experience that’s full of adventure as you engage in high-velocity combat situations. You have the ability to custom-create your character and watch him or her develop as you move through the various levels of gameplay. Make your way through the Planet Pandora as you seek and destroy the game’s villain known as 'Handsome Jack.' You have the ability to choose from four different character types that sport three different traits of specialized abilities. Online, over a local network, or in split screen, the game's co-op mode allows a second player to freely join and drop out of a game in session at their own discretion.

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