FIFA Soccer 13 - Playstation 3

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    One of the most successful soccer video game franchises around provides another entry that is full of the hard-hitting action and realistic gameplay that soccer enthusiasts love. Like so many of the entries before that, FIFA Soccer 13 improves upon the precedent that has been set with new features, updated moves and gaming options, as well as better graphics than ever before. From EA Sports, FIFA Soccer 13 for Sony PlayStation 3 allows you to enjoy getting in the action with more creative functions and staggering artificial intelligence infused into the video game, making for a more thrilling and authentic experience. This action-packed sports experience for the PS3 boasts more realism than ever before with EA Sports Ignite, a groundbreaking gaming engine that increases the quality of every aspect of the video game. You’ll enjoy some of the best rendering in a FIFA game to stellar run-time physics, tremendous animation, locomotion, and online systems that strengthen the integrity of the gameplay. With the virtual athletes bestowed with an almost human-like intelligence, you’ll be playing with a team that demonstrates impressive problem-solving capabilities and true athletic motion to ensure that the PlayStation 3 game is packed with as much realism as possible. FIFA games have always delivered the goods when it comes to fast-paced action and games that play out like the real thing while putting you at the center of it all. The advancements developed and offered by EA Sports Ignite cannot be overstated. With FIFA Soccer 13 for PS3, the franchise takes a huge leap forward and the results have birthed a platform that captures the game players love with a gritty authenticity, unmatched by competitors. With 10 times the level of animation depth and detail as before, the game does a tremendous job recreating the biomechanics and incredible movements of some of the world’s top soccer players. Every slight move of the game is noticeably improved by the inclusion of the EA Sports Ignite game engine, from the way you pivot and cut to shifting momentum, accelerating and decelerating as well changing directions swiftly and investing the play with unbelievable agility. All of these advancements in realism affect the way the ball moves, too, with the round object at the center of the action responding more accurately to the force and angle of any kick, header, and toss. With real ball physics embedded into the design of the game, you will now see greater precision in the trajectory and distance it travels. With FIFA Soccer 13 for the PlayStation 3, you can enjoy games as a professional soccer player through a variety of different levels. Take advantage of a competitive practice mode that help you learn the basics of the game and the PS3 controls associated with FIFA 13, or play to win by taking a team through an entire season with Career Mode. Five hundred officially licensed clubs, over 30 leagues, and 15,000 players are represented in FIFA 13 for PS3, making it a genuine soccer video game experience across the board.

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