Amazing Spiderman - Wii U

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    Spider-Man finds himself entangled in more web-slinging action on Xbox 360, with a storyline that takes place after the events chronicled in 2012's feature film. Unlike the two previous games on the platform, The Amazing Spider-Man returns the superhero to a free-roaming New York City. Players will swing across the streets, skyscrapers, and landmarks of the Big Apple in addition to exploring interior locations and battling an assortment of villains.

    The action is viewed from a third-person perspective, with players able to use a combination of webbing and melee combat moves to neutralize street thugs, weaponized robots designed by Oscorp Industries, and nemeses such as Rhino. Players can access Spider-Man's in-game cell phone on the Wii U GamePad, using the touch screen to accept challenges, upgrade abilities, and view the city map.

    Included on the The Amazing Spider-Man: Ultimate Edition disc are two additional Spider-Man suits and four add-on packs. The featured packs are the "Stan Lee Adventure Pack," "Lizard Rampage Pack," "Rhino Challenge," and "Oscorp Search and Destroy Pack."

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