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    Platinum Games' stylish witch returns for more frenetic action in the Wii U exclusive Bayonetta 2. Players once again take control of the titular Bayonetta as she casts magic spells with her hair and uses a balletic mix of melee combat and high-powered weapons to dispatch hordes of angels and demons. Set several months after the original game, Bayonetta 2 finds the lithe protagonist attempting to travel to the fiery pits of Inferno to rescue her friend Jeanne, whose soul was claimed by a demon during a summoning that backfired.

    Gamers will engage in epic battles against powerful foes and mighty boss characters in the human world, the heaven-like Paradiso, and the hellish Inferno. Combat places an emphasis on combo attacks and well-timed dodges to activate Witch Time, allowing players to slow down and easily dispatch their foes. Players can also unleash Torture Attacks that trap enemies in torture machines and earn extra points, while the new Umbran Climax can be unleashed when gamers have a full magic gauge, and it offers stronger attacks, more hair-based Wicked Weaves, and lets them summon Infernal Demons for a short time.

    The main story mode is broken into chapters and stages, and at the end of each stage gamers earn a score based on their completion time, number of combos, and damage taken. During the action players collect halos to purchase new weapons, accessories, and costumes, including some costumes based on popular Nintendo franchises. For those intimidated by potentially complex combat mechanics, Bayonetta 2 offers simplified controls in the Automatic mode, or gamers can opt for touch controls using the GamePad. And multiplayer fans can join a friend for the new online-only co-op Tag Climax mode, earning more halos as they take control of Bayonetta, Jeanne, or Rodin and complete specific challenges.

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