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    • An RPG developed by Square Enix, "Final Fantasy XIV Online: Heavensward" sends players into an alternate reality that takes them to the heavens and around the world. Heroes of Eorzea unite to battle the dragons of the Dravanian Horde and help to end the Dragonsong War. With intensely colorful and fast moving graphics, this online game runs beautifully on a PlayStation 4. Players of the PS4 version can go up against gamers who play the PC version of FFXIV when connected to the internet.The basic story of "Final Fantasy XIV Online" follows that of the main series but includes loads of expansion content. All of the Heavensward quests take place on the expansive continent of Eorzea. Player characters are sent off to tackle difficult jobs in the inhospitable snowy land of Ishgard. When the Warrior of Light first arrived here, it seemed like the entire realm was going to be reborn according to new progressive principles. Goblins founded the city of Idyllshire in the realm and are running it through a new democratic system. It looks like everyone has made peace, and villagers are looking toward a much brighter future.However, things are not quite as they seem, and the player is going to have to unravel the mystery that's hidden beneath this sunny exterior. There's much more intrigue in Ishgard then meets the eye. Some people have been branded as heretics, and they're about to ask you, the player, for help. Solving this mystery is going to be quite a challenge, giving you many hours of Final Fantasy gameplay. Once you've completed the base games, you can find there's much more to see and do than you imagined.You can continue to play after you finish the main story line. Online content is constantly being updated, and you might even be able to create secondary characters to explore the other classes. Astrologian warriors have different skills than a dark knight might, and a machinist can make it through the tough dungeons, but he might struggle in villages. These challenges can keep the game interesting even after you complete every aspect of the story line. This is a highly sophisticated version of the Final Fantasy party model. It's specifically designed to add a new dimension to gameplay while still keeping the same core elements.Square Enix distributes the title through a series of packages. The basic package includes the base title as well as the online material. Additional expansion material often adds additional game time onto an account. Many packages are distributed digitally, which eliminates the need for an optical drive. Codes that come with these packages can then be redeemed inside the software. Patch releases make the RPG even more fun. Far from simple bug fixes, these patches often contain new adventures to try with your character. The continent is a truly massive place to explore, and the patches are helping to make it massive on screen as well. With so much to do, you may never run out of missions to complete in FFXIV.

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