Super Mario Maker - Wii U

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    Super Mario Maker lets players use assets from the rich history of games starring Nintendo's mustachioed plumber mascot to create, share, and play custom levels. Gamers use their GamePad and stylus to drag items, enemies, and obstacles from the palette onto the course, and they can also combine assets to unleash new creations, or shake items to unlock new abilities. Users can seamlessly switch between designing their level and playing on it, flip to six different game environments, or alter the graphics and gameplay elements by switching between four different Mario game styles. Levels can be created in airship, castle, ghost house, ground, underground, and underwater environments, and the graphics and gameplay can then be switched between the Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, and New Super Mario Bros. U styles. Players can share their creations on the Internet, or they can simply do custom searches to find other custom stages to attempt. Super Mario Maker also includes the 10 Mario Challenge, which gives gamers ten lives to complete eight random sample levels, and the 100 Mario Challenge, in which players have 100 lives to complete a random series of user-created stages.

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