Clock Tower 3 - Playstation 2

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    In this installment of the series, you travel to London, England, as the character Alyssa Hamilton, and explore various structures within the game. The objective is to uncover clues to solve the central puzzle. Clock Tower 3 for Sony PlayStation 2 features many exciting twists and turns to keep Alyssa on her feet. While on the hunt for clues, she is tracked by a number of serial killers. In order to avoid them, you have to stay focused as well as try to find the clues to discover why they’re after you. The key to your survival is to use your cunning and logic in order to avoid the traps set by these maniac killers. Clock Tower 3 is a survival horror video game co-developed by Sunsoft and Capcom for Sony PlayStation 2. It is similar to other horror video games, such as Resident Evil by Capcom and Silent Hill by Konami, that were made available for various platforms, including the Wii U, PSP, PS3, PS4, 3DS, and Xbox One. This game was first released in 2002 and is the fourth installment in this series. Clock Tower 3 for PS2 is the only video game directed by director Kinji Fukasaku. The plot in this game is a departure from previous Clock Tower games by Capcom. The storyline follows 14-year-old Alyssa Hamilton, a member of a female line of warriors who defeat evil spirits by hunting them down through time travel. In Clock Tower 3 for PS2, Alyssa is traveling from her time in 2003 London back to the 1940's and 1960's to defeat evil entities and bring peace to restless spirits. As opposed to the previous Clock Tower games, which featured point-and-click gameplay, this installment is the first game that incorporates direct player control over the protagonist. In Clock Tower 3, Alyssa is unarmed for most of the game, other than a supply of holy water, so she must survive by hiding from and evading her pursuers. Alyssa’s enemies, known as “Subordinates,” have to be fought at the end of every level, during which she is armed with a longbow. To progress through Clock Tower 3, players must solve puzzles, find items to unlock new areas, and continually hide and flee from enemies. Throughout Clock Tower 3, Alyssa encounters the souls of innocent people slain by the serial killers, and in order to give them peace, she must find an item of sentimental value to return to their corpse. During gameplay, Alyssa has a “Panic Meter,” which is visible onscreen. If she encounters scary situations or is attacked, the meter will begin to rise. When this meter is completely full, Alyssa is having a full panic attack and starts stumbling and becomes harder for the player to control. If Alyssa is hit by an enemy while in this state, she will instantly die. Clock Tower 3 is an intense action game that lets you put your puzzle-solving and longbow skills to good use for several enjoyable hours.

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