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    Delve into the "Star Wars" universe with "Star Wars: Republic Commando" for the Xbox, which is rated T for Teen. It’s a squad-based first-person shooter, or FPS, that places the player in the boots of a Clone commando. With a release date of 2005, the game was designed by renowned games developer and publisher LucasArts. Using the popular Unreal Engine developed by Epic Games, this video game requires tactical maneuvering, intelligent decision-making, and quick reflexes. As an Xbox classic in the FPS genre of games, "Star Wars: Republic Commando" will pit gamers against relentless hordes of enemies in realistic and intense battles across a galaxy far, far away.Set during the galaxy-spanning conflict known as the Clone Wars, "Star Wars: Republic Commando" for the Xbox takes place after the events of "Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones." The precursor to the Galactic Empire is at war with thousands of planetary systems that wish to separate it from the union and form a Confederacy of Independent Systems. To prevent this, the government forms a manufacturing facility on the planet Kamino, where a massive army of Clone troopers is created to preserve the integrity of the galactic order. The main character of the game, "Boss," is the leader of an elite Clone trooper team known as a Special Operations Unit. Designated as Delta Squad, the commandos are tasked with squashing insurrections that oppose both the Republic and the Jedi Order. The player is entrusted with taking control of Boss as he leads his squad of troopers into battle."Star Wars: Republic Commando" features a full variety of locations in which to fight wars such as the Wookiee home world of Kashyyyk and the droid-manufacturing site of Geonosis. Players also lead the commando squad into fierce combat aboard expansive battleships belonging to the Republic and the nefarious Trade Federation. Opponents like reptilian Trandoshans and numerous battle droids will continue to oppose the gamer as the game progresses, posing increasingly difficult odds to surmount. The video game provides the protagonist with an array of weapons that include laser blasters, anti-armor guns, and sniper rifles to combat these relentless opponents. Gamers will fight through the heads-up-display (HUD) visor that must periodically cleanse itself as blood and lubricant fluids spray from defeated enemies. Unlike many other games in the FPS genre, "Star Wars: Republic Commando" requires that players work in conjunction with their teams to annihilate enemy forces. The player must step up to the challenge of being in command in order to successfully complete all the levels.With intense gameplay that includes single-player and multi-player modes, "Star Wars: Republic Commando" for the Xbox is a military action shooter that goes above and beyond the traditional FPS experience. Keeping opponents in check requires consistent diligence while the player commands the elite squad in order to continue the march to victory. Throughout, a fitting soundtrack combining the music of Jesse Harlin and John Williams complements the game’s notably dark theme.

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