Guitar Hero Live - Xbox One

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    **This is the game only! This game requires the Guitar Hero Live guitar controller for play.**


    After five years in video-game rehab, Activision's iconic rhythm action franchise returns to the stage in Guitar Hero Live. Developer FreeStyleGames handled the reboot, and they bring a variety of new features to the series, most notably a new broadcast presentation designed to simulate the feeling of truly being on stage by using full-motion video of real bandmates and real fans reacting to the performance. Other new features include a reimagined single-player career mode, a multiplayer mode designed resemble a music television station, and a new six-button guitar controller.

    The single-player career mode finds gamers taking the stage as the lead guitarist of various fictional bands, performing in small venues, giant arenas, and eventually in the fictional festivals Rock the Block and SoundDial. The new GHTV mode offers a continuous broadcast of music videos on several different channels, and it offers more than 100 songs from artists as varied as Bruno Mars, Bob Dylan, and Skrillex. The GHTV mode also let multiplayer fans compete in local or online contests, and gamers earn in-game currency to unlock more songs and acquire items. The Star Power feature from earlier Guitar Hero games has been replaced by new Hero Powers that help players earn higher scores.

    Guitar Hero Live uses a classic note highway system, with gamers flicking the strum bar and pressing buttons to match the scrolling notes. The new guitar controller features six buttons split into two rows of three, with the lower difficulty levels making use of only a single row. Other guitar features include the return of the whammy bar, a tilt sensor to activate Hero Powers, and a special button to access GHTV at a moment's notice. And the game also supports USB microphones for those shredders who also aspire to sing.

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