Shadow Dancer The Secret of Shinobi - Sega Genesis

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    The second game in Sega's 16-bit Shinobi series continues the exploits of master ninja Joe Musashi as he journeys to New York to visit former student Kato. By the time he gets there, however, he finds his good friend dying before his very eyes.

    Kato learned that ninja warriors were holding the local children hostage, so he went to rescue them by himself. It would be his last heroic attempt. Now Joe Musashi vows revenge and will not stop until this ninja group (Union Lizard) and its reptilian leader, Sauros, are destroyed.

    Yet Musashi is not alone this time. Joining him is Kato's loyal white dog Yamato, who can distract enemies until you dispose of them. As Joe Musashi, you'll be able to jump, punch, kick, slash with a sword, and throw shurikens.

    You'll also call on the powers of Ninjitsu to perform one of three magical attacks: columns of flame, swirling tornadoes, and meteorites raining down from the sky. Make your way through five New York scenarios, each consisting of two sub-levels and a boss character: Burning Downtown, Battle on the Railway, Liberty Island, In the Darkness, and Sauros' Defenses. Do not stop until you avenge your friend's death!

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