Phantom Dragon Aeon Sneak Peek Kit

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    Kits come with a pre-bundled 4 packs and then one additional pack of the set. 

    ·Featuring 5 VRs (Vanguard Rare)!"Dragheart, Luard", "Phantom Blaster Overlord", "Evil Governor, Darkface Gredora", "Exceptional Expertise, Rising Nova", and "Emperor Dragon, Gaia Emperor" confirmed!

    ·SP Clan Pack included due to popular demand!

    Featuring units that synergise with the 5 types of VRs in the same pack as SPs!

    ·Featuring a special treatment rarity known as "ASR - Another Secret Rare"!" Phantom Blaster Overlord" will be randomly included with this special treatment and its original illust!! Keep a lookout for more details to be revealed!

    ·Introducing brand new tactics for these 3 clans! The way «Tachikaze» uses equip gauge evolves! «Spike Brothers» makes full use of all your Force markers! Brand new marker for «Megacolony» with brand new tactics!? Each display box of VGE-V-BT10 will come with a bonus clan dice! (While stocks last!)

    - $15.00

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