Pokemon Scarlet & Violet $1K Tournament at Card N All Gaming New Cut

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    We are thrilled to be hosting our return to high level competitive Pokemon events here at Card N All Gaming! To celebrate, we are going to be running our event as a $1,000 CASH tournament! Additional prizing will be available in the form of booster packs & will be dependent on player turnout after we hit 24 players!
    When: April 15 2023 - Registration ends 11:55AM EST - Round 1 Pairings will be posted at 12:00PM EST
    Where: 5534 New Cut Rd - Card N All Gaming
    Entry: $40
    DECKLISTS WILL BE REQUIRED. We recommend doing this prior to the event. A good online tool for this is https://rk9.gg/decklist/
    A Play Pokemon ID is required for this event. You can get one of these by registering on pokemon.com and going to your Play Pokemon settings and clicking "assign me a play ID"

    This event will be standard format (Including Scarlet & Violet base and with D Regulation Mark cards NOT allowed) with 5-7 swiss rounds based on attendance. Each round will be 50 minutes best of 3. Top Cut will be to Top 8, best of 3, 50 minute rounds.
    Please note there will NOT be separate age divisions for this event.

    1st Place - $400 + a unique champion playmat
    2nd Place - $200
    3rd - 4th Place - $100
    5th - 8th Place - $50
    Additional prizing will also be awarded based on attendance over 24 players. First awarded will be 9th - 16th, then additional to the top 16 spread as determined best by the organizer.

    We look forward to seeing the awesome turnout for this event, and hope this is the first of many large Pokemon events here at Card N All Gaming this year!

    - $40.00

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