Pouch of the Endless Hoard Dice Bag

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    This dice bag holds so many dice that you'll wonder if it truly is a portal into extradimensional space!
    • HUGE: The Pouch of the Endless Hoard holds all the dice. We ran out at 1,000 and there was still room in the 7 divided dice storage pockets
    • HIGH QUALITY: Velvet-lined, Faux Dragon Hide. Durable cord used as a drawstring featuring real D20s as well as riveted holes to withstand years of use.
    • FREE STANDING: With a spacious 9.25" tall x 10" wide design our dice pouch is free standing making it easy to fill and comes in 11 intriguing color combinations
    • PERFECT GIFT: A perfect Dungeons and Dragons gift for your DnD game lover. Packaged in Forged Dice Co branded packaging so you'll be proud to give this D&D gift for any holiday or birthday
    • VERSATILE: Not only is it perfect for storing metal dice and other dice sets but you can also use it to store jewelry, D&D Miniatures, Pathfinder accessories, dnd accessories, tarot cards, MTG cards or any gamer accessories dice not incuded

    Black & Red - $29.99
    Rainbow - $29.99
    Brown & Black - $29.99

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