ProQuest Season 3 & $1,000 Cash Tournament @ Card N All Gaming New Cut

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    We are overwhelmingly thrilled to be hosting our first Pro Quest event here at Card N All Gaming! To celebrate, in addition to the prize kit provided by LSS we are going to be running our event as a $1,000 CASH tournament regardless of player turnout! Additional prizing will be available in the form of booster packs & will be dependant on player turnout after we hit 24+ players!

    When: January 21st Registration @ 11:00AM-11:55AM EST - Round 1 Pairings will be posted at 12:00PM EST

    Where: 5534 New Cut Rd - Card N All Gaming

    Entry: $40 / Player Cap: 64 Players



    This event will be Classic Constructed format from start to finish. The first 24 players to check-in in person will recieve a metal token from the Pro Quest Season 3 prize kit in addition to some spare promo materials we have extra of! Players will then compete through five to seven 55 minute swiss rounds with a cut to Top 8. Top 8 will be untimed, single elemination.


    1st Place - $325 + 1 Random Drop Gold Foil + Limited Edition Dragon Shield Sleeves

    2nd Place - $200 + Limited Edition Dragon Shield Sleeves

    3rd Place - $125 + Limited Edition Dragon Shield Sleeves

    4th Place - $100 + Limited Edition Dragon Shield Sleeves

    5th - 6th Place - $75 + Limited Edition Dragon Shield Sleeves

    7th - 8th Place - $50 + Limited Edition Dragon Shield Sleeves

    9th-16th-32nd-64th Place - Booster Pack Prizing. Breakdown dependent on player turnout.

    We look forward to seeing the turnout for this event, and hope that is the first of many large Flesh and Blood events here at Card N All Gaming!

    - $40.00

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