Re-ment Kirby Fuchi ni Pittori Blind Box

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    A mystery blind box collectable figure featuring the adorable Kirby & friends! This particular Re-ment series is part of the Kirby Fuchi ni Pittori Collection. In this series the characters off corners and surfaces. There are eight figures for you to collect:

    • Kirby

    • Waddle Dee

    • Kirby (Napping)

    • Waddle Dee (Napping)

    • Kirby on Warp Star

    • Waddle Doo

    • Kirby with Apple

    • King Dedede

    Remember this is a blind box - you can get any of the designs mentioned above! 

    The whole point of a blind box is not knowing what is inside which is part of the fun! Even we do not know what is inside! The only way to know what is inside is to physically open the blind box and find out! Please do not ask us to do this on your behalf.

    - $14.99

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