The Witcher RPG Lords and Lands Expansion

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    Four panel screen + 16 page
    softcover booklet. Lords and Lands is the perfect expansion for the
    Witcher Tabletop Roleplaying Game to help Gamemasters
    and players bring the Dark and Dangerous world of the
    Witcher to life!
    Lords and Lands includes:
    - A four panel Shield packed with the tables and
    information Gamemasters need to run the game.
    - Statistics and information on a number of common
    "Everyman" NPCs to help populate the Continent in a
    - Players can now work the land with a new playable Race,
    the Halflings!
    - Or they can rule and manage the land instead, with the
    new Noble Profession!
    - Plus, a selection of new weapons, alchemical items, and
    general gear to purchase from the back of Rodolf s Wagon

    - $24.99

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