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    This is it, the Warhammer 40,000 boxed set you’ve all been waiting for – INDOMITUS. This is quite simply the biggest and best boxed game we’ve ever released for Warhammer 40,000, representing the cutting edge of miniatures design and the latest evolution in rules development. This boxed set is for the fans, and a fitting way to leap into the new edition for anyone who loves Warhammer 40,000. Let’s tear the lid off and see what’s inside…

    Amazing, right?! We’ll give you a moment to soak it all up (and maybe even watch the video again).

    We don’t know about you, but we need to see these guys a bit closer. Let’s take a look at the miniatures themselves.

    The Angels of Death

    The Space Marines in Indomitus represent the spearhead forces of Battle Group Kallides, tasked by Roboute Guilliman to push into an eerily silent region of space known as the Pariah Nexus. As part of the Indomitus Crusade, these Primaris Marines have been armed and equipped not to hold back the tide of Mankind’s enemies, but to take the fight to them and ultimately reclaim the Imperial worlds lost to the emergence of the Great Rift.

    Let’s introduce each of these new models in a bit more detail.

    Primaris Captain

    If you’ve always wished for a Primaris Captain kitted out for close combat, then the God-Emperor clearly heard your prayers! Not only does he come with a badass-looking helmet visor option, reminiscent of the knightly Crusader-pattern helms of ages past, but he’s got a master-crafted power sword and relic shield – essentially a suped-up storm shield with the skeleton of an Imperial martyr bound into its face. Talk about giving your mind, body, soul – and eventually skeleton – to the Emperor’s service!

    Primaris Lieutenant

    This latest in a long, illustrious line of Primaris Lieutenants is the answer to the prayers of those who favour a hyper-aggressive play style. He’s armed with a master-crafted power sword and a storm shield (no dead Imperial shield martyr for you until you get promoted, laddie!). What’s more, he’s taking aim with a neo-volkite pistol – a name which smacks of a classic weapon design that Belisarius Cawl has reinvented into something even more awesome!*

    Primaris Chaplain

    This guy’s so steeped in grim darkness that even his decorative backpack-skull has service studs! In fact, this Chaplain’s armour is bristling with skulls, purity seals and reliquaries, and he’s poised to lay a serious beat-down with his crozius arcanum. Chaplains are always a welcome presence in a melee-heavy army, where their firebrand rhetoric will propel nearby battle-brothers to new heights of righteous fury!


    It’s chopping time! A Judiciar is not only a supernal swordsman, able to cut down foes with but a single blow of his brutal-looking executioner relic blade, but he has an all-new item of esoteric wargear – the tempormortis. You don’t need to be an expert in High Gothic to know that this means it’s something he can use to manipulate time and ensure the death of his quarry…

    Bladeguard Veterans

    If you’re after a bunch of die-hard, elite Primaris warriors to hold the line – or to smash through the line of your opponent – look no further than these guys. Wielding master-crafted power swords, storm shields and heavy bolt pistols, they’re no-nonsense damage dealers and among the toughest, most resilient units in the entire Space Marines roster! 

    Bladeguard Ancient

    Yep, we’ll be blunt – this is the best Space Marine battle standard ever – it’s literally a winged skeleton on a pole! The Bladeguard Ancient is the heir apparent to a fine lineage of Space Marines carrying over-the-top banners, relics and other suitably mad flag-type items. We don’t know about you, but even without any obvious weapons, we reckon he’ll be pretty handy in a fight… 


    If you absolutely, positively have to eradicate an armoured enemy threat (or a big gribbly monster, for that matter), the aptly named Eradicators are here to do just that! Clad in Gravis armour and armed with long-range melta rifles, they exist to do one job,** and they’re nothing short of peerless in its execution.

    Assault Intercessor Squad

    Start practising your revving noises, your Intercessors are about to get stuck in to the enemy up close and personal! As well as being armed with heavy bolt pistols, the Assault Intercessors carry Astartes chainswords for guaranteed short-range carnage. We can’t wait.


    The best innovation for the wheel since the spinny thing on the end of a chainsword, the Outriders are an effective threat at every range – not only do they have paired bolt rifles up front, but the riders also carry heavy bolt pistols and Astartes chainswords. No point running, you’ll just die tired.

    No matter your taste in Space Marines, these guys are for you. From the most loyal followers of the Codex Astartes to the hairy ones who treat Guilliman’s scribblings ‘more like guidelines’, Indomitus is packed with a powerful, hard-hitting force of new Primaris units. But what about their adversaries? 

    The Necrons Rise

    Battle Group Kallides isn’t going to have an easy time of it – there is a sizable threat in their path, doing what Necrons do best: eradicating every living thing they can find.*** Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Necron legions will brook no interference from the encroaching forces of Battle Group Kallides. Behold the other half of the Indomitus boxed set!

    So many new Necrons! We covered a few of these new units in our articles a couple of weeks back, but now it’s time to break them down and see exactly what we’re dealing with…



    Every army needs a commander to lead it into battle, and with great power comes even greater wargear! Not only does the Necron Overlord look as imperious as its esteemed rank demands, but it also bears a brand-new weapon (a hyperphase glaive, for those keeping track of these things) and a tachyon arrow. Cross this fella and you’re likely to find yourself chopped to ribbons and maybe deleted from time and space…

    Royal Warden

    If an Overlord (that’s you!) needs a job done right, it’s time to call on a Royal Warden to keep things on track. As well as being a reliable aide-de-camp, the Warden is tough as nails**** and armed with a relic gauss blaster. Even better, he’s got his foot on a rock to look all heroic and a swish stripe on his shiny skull-head that could make even a Primaris Lieutenant envious.


    Plasmancers are a mysterious class of Cryptek also known as Harbingers of Destruction. This ominous title is well earned, as it happens. A Plasmancer is a master in the art of weaponising the hypertechnology of the Necrons, and the plasmic lance its bears – equally deadly at range as it is in melee – is a fine example of its skills given form. Floaty and frail-looking? Yes. Super deadly at every distance? Also yes.


    These long-taloned murder-bucket… things… seem to be little more than expendable bodyguards at first glance. As it happens, Cryptothralls are actually formidable adversaries – especially when galvanised into action by the presence of their master, the Plasmancer. When fighting alongside the Plasmancer (or any other Cryptek, for that matter), the Cryptothralls will serve as its sword and shield.

    Skorpekh Lord

    The ‘final boss’ of the awesome Warhammer 40,000 cinematic trailer, the Skorpekh Lord is death incarnate for anyone who dares face it in battle – looks like that Primaris Sergeant and Battle Sister are in for the fight of their lives! This enormous, hate-fuelled Destroyer can unleash the searing fury of its enmitic annihilator at range, reap anyone in its path with its devastating hyperphase harvester, or use its flensing claw to… er, flense its prey.

    Skorpekh Destroyers

    If you like the idea of Destroyers who scuttle forwards into combat to murder their prey rather than gunning them down from afar, you’re in for a treat. Skorpekh Destroyers butcher their way through anything in their path with their twin blades, called hyperphase threshers, or an enormous two-handed version – the soon-to-be-rightly-feared hyperphase reap-blade.


    These seemingly innocuous machines drift in the wake of Skorpekh Destroyers. Though fairly harmless by itself (especially when compared to the walking death dealers it accompanies), a Plasmacyte’s ability to infuse the Destroyers with tainted energy makes an already dangerous unit deadlier still! Also, it’s weirdly cute.

    Canoptek Reanimator

    No, it’s not an armoured, land-walking jellyfish – it’s far scarier! This long-limbed support platform, dubbed the Canoptek Reanimator, will keep your machine legions in the fight against even the most withering enemy assaults, even while its atomiser beam lances out to disintegrate those who would threaten its charges.

    Canoptek Scarab Swarms

    Guaranteed to get ‘under the skin’ of their victims, while the insectile Canoptek Scarabs aren’t especially deadly individually (easy for us to say, we’re not the ones fighting a metal murder-bug the size of a dustbin lid), they can overwhelm even the largest targets as they swarm all over them in great clouds. Just ask that poor Space Marine in the cinematic trailer…

    Necron Warriors

    Whether they carry their traditional gauss flayers or the shorter-ranged but harder-hitting gauss reapers, phalanxes of Warriors are the inexorable mainstay of any Necron legion. Indomitus contains twenty of these fantastic new models, a fresh take on the classic Necron complete with pitted and scarred armour and plenty of battle damage from one-too-many reanimations!

    No, we’re not pulling your collective legs (in part because that would be a logistical nightmare to organise) – all these amazing new miniatures are indeed in the Indomitus box! What’s more, they’re all push fit, so you won’t even need glue to frenziedly assemble them when you get your hands on a copy! So, now that we’ve seen all the miniatures, let’s check out what else is in the set, starting with the Warhammer 40,000 Core Book.

    The Warhammer 40,000 Core Book (Indomitus Edition)

    Featuring an exclusive alternate cover only found in Indomitus, the Warhammer 40,000 Core Book is both an essential lore guide to the grim darkness of the 41st Millennium as well as being the home of all the rules to play the game. Armed with this sacred tome and the miniatures in the box, you can be ready to play your first game of the new edition in no time!

    As well as providing you with the all the basics, the Core Book includes more advanced rules, helping you to craft your collection into finely honed Battle-forged armies, as well as fight missions designed for open, narrative and matched play games of every size – Combat Patrol, Incursion, Strike Force and Onslaught. As if that wasn’t already enough, the Core Book plays host to the innovative new Crusade campaign system which enables your army to grow in size and evolve from rookies to hard-bitten veterans over the course of your battles.

    Indomitus is the first, best way to get your hands on this essential and gobsmacking new Core Book, and the only way to get it with this special launch edition cover art. The cover, the art, the lore, the rules, the showcases – it’s all great, and we need this in our lives. 

    There is but one piece missing from the Core Book that will help you start your journey into the grim darkness of the far future – the datasheets for all the units in the box. Don’t worry, as they’re all included in…

    …The Edge of Silence

    If you’re chomping at the bit to find out how disgustingly powerful the new units are on the battlefield, this booklet is the place to start!

    The Edge of Silence is so much more than just a booklet filled with datasheets, however – it includes all the lore around which the Indomitus box is based. In it, the harrowing nature of the Pariah Nexus is revealed, and the narrative stage is set for what will become a crucial new war zone as the horrifying magnitude of the Necron threat is unveiled.

    Assembly Guide and Transfers

    Finally, no boxed set would be complete without a handy assembly guide to show you how to get your horde of new miniatures ready for battle. As Roboute Guilliman decreed in the Codex Astartes, all Space Marines must be easily identifiable in battle by virtue of their iconography. To help out, Indomitus features a sheet of waterslide decals with which you decorate your Space Marines once they’re painted. You can choose from Blood Angels, Space Wolves, Dark Angels and Ultramarines, with enough transfers for each faction to finish all the Space Marines in the box.

    Indomitus is by far and away the most impressive Warhammer box we’ve ever made and it’s arriving this July. The box has been optimised for you veteran hobbyists out there, meaning the whole box is just packed full to the brim with great models and the rules to play – it’s so full, in fact, that Indomitus will save you more than 50% over getting the contents separately. In case you lost track, that’s 61 push-fit miniatures, 1 exclusive launch edition Core Book, the assembly guide and transfer sheet, and the Edge of Silence book with all the rules for your models. We actually packed it so full that we couldn’t fit any dice or tape measures inside – but we know you already have some.  

    You simply do not want to miss out on this amazing set, so it’s important to mention that, as it’s a special launch box to celebrate the new edition, it won’t be around forever. We’ve made (literal) boatloads, but if you want to make sure you’re among the first to hear when it becomes available to order, and ensure you’re in early doors to grab one for yourself, sign up to our newsletter and keep your eyes on the Warhammer Community website.

    So which is it? Are you wanting to purge all life from the galaxy with the Necrons or fight no matter the cost to foil their machinations with the Space Marines? Which new miniature has the coolest weapon? We want to hear what you think, so join the conversation over on our Warhammer 40,000 Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram using #New40K!

    * This bad boy has even more ‘kapow’ than the classic volkite pistol – ask any fan of the Horus Heresy and they’ll tell you what you have to look forward to.
    ** That job is to murderise the faces and/or tanks of your enemies.
    *** There is actually a pretty nefarious plan afoot, which any galactic villain would be proud of, but we don’t want to spoil it all here.
    **** Actually MUCH tougher than nails – being made of a living metal alloy stronger than iron or steel has its benefits.

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