Card N All Gaming Rules

Card N All Gaming Rules
Here are our rules for in-store play, as well as some information regarding purchases. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at!
    1. No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service: We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, at any given time, for any reason we deem necessary. Use of equipment and allowance to enter the store is at the sole discretion of our staff. Past incidents, even at other venues, may influence our decision.
    2. Use of Video Gaming Stations: All Card N All Gaming provided video game consoles, games, and controllers MUST be treated carefully. Any damage done to equipment will result in the inability to use video game stations. 
    3. Bathroom Use: All customers are allowed to use the bathroom. Please clean up after yourself when using the bathroom and notify an associate if the bathroom is out of any amenities. 
    4. Food and Drinks in the Game Room: all outside food and drink (without a secure cap/lid) must be consumed in the designated eating area. Only store-bought snacks are allowed to be consumed at the gaming stations. Drinks without a secured lid are not allowed at the gaming stations.
    5. Lost and Found: All items left in store are stored for 45 DAYS. If you have lost something you may believe to be in the store, please notify an employee or manager as soon as possible so we may keep an eye out for your items. Any items left in lost and found for more than 30 days will be subject to disposal at our discretion. Card N All Gaming is not held responsible for any items lost, broken, and/or stolen in the store.
    6. Hygiene: Good hygiene practices must be exhibited in order to play at our store. We have and will tell someone to leave if they have a disruptive odor.
    7. Fairness and Equality: Our store is for everyone to enjoy. Our goal is to maintain an environment that promotes good community and interactions within it. Be good to each other, be fair, and be understanding. 
    8. Discrimination: Discrimination and/or discriminatory language of any type will not be tolerated under any circumstances.
    9. Theft: Theft, no matter how petty, will not be tolerated. WE WILL PROSECUTE no matter how cheap the item may be. Please be mindful of your property as we are not responsible for personal belongings lost/stolen/etc while in the store.
    10. Cheating: Cheating under any circumstances is not acceptable. Anyone caught cheating will be told to leave and will not be subject to any refund of entry fees. Expect consequences up to a permanent ban from the store.
    11. Cursing/Profanity: No loud and/or excessive cursing.  Our store boasts a family friendly environment. Be considerate of your surroundings as most parents do not want their kids exposed to foul language. Repeat offenders will be asked to leave.
    12. Play Space: Respect the store’s play space and other common use areas including the bathroom and clean up after yourself. Do not lean back in chairs, as this weakens the welds and may cause failure. We provide cleaning supplies and trash cans are plentiful. Please notify a store associate if any part of the store is unclean or does not have the appropriate supplies needed (full trash cans, toilet paper, soap, etc.)
    13. Child Supervision: Kids under 16 are not permitted in the store without ACTIVE parental supervision. This means that your child MUST be with an adult at all times. Children are not allowed to roam the store while their parent/guardian wanders the store separately.
    14. Returns: All video games, controllers, and video game accessories come with a 7-Day replacement warranty. Video game systems come with a 30-Day replacement warranty. New video games, systems, and accessories can only be returned in the same new condition. There are no implied warranties and/or returns on any other items sold in the store. Refunds are given in the form of the payment used when a replacement is not able to be provided.   NEW video game items can only be returned for a cash refund if it is returned UNOPENED. Products purchased new and then opened are not eligible for a return.
    15. Repairs: All repairs are guaranteed to work for 30 days from the completion of the repair. This does not cover any customer inflicted damage. Warranty stickers are applied to all repairs and the warranty is VOID if these stickers are tampered with.